17 POWERFUL Moments From The Rich Roll Podcast 2023 BEST OF Part 1

The 2023 Rich Roll Podcast features powerful insights from various experts on health, creativity, and personal growth. The discussions emphasize the importance of a balanced diet, emotional health, empathy, happiness, innovation, and critical engagement with technology. The sentiment is positive, aiming to empower listeners with knowledge and tools for self-improvement.

3 min · 514 words · Seth Godin, Chef Babette Davis, Peter Attia, MD, Dr. Lisa Damour, Tim Spector, Zoe Lister-Jones, Neil Pasricha, Ed Catmull, Corey Booker, Baratunde Thurston, Chris Paul, Kevin Kelly, Rich Roll

2023 SUPPLEMENT GUIDE (Which Supplements What Age)

Jeff Cavaliere provides a comprehensive guide to various supplements, their suitability for different age groups, and their safety. The video emphasizes informed decisions about supplement use.

2 min · 395 words · Jeff Cavaliere

3 Ways to Increase Nitric Oxide Production & Reap the Benefits of Nitric Oxide

In this video, Tara Bianco discusses three simple ways to increase nitric oxide production in the body and the benefits of nitric oxide. The methods include nasal breathing, humming, and using a weighted tuning fork on specific points of the body. Caution should be exercised when using tuning forks.

4 min · 664 words · Tara Bianco

7 Natural Ways to Raise TESTOSTERONE (for FREE)

In this video, Dr. Berry discusses seven natural ways to increase testosterone levels in men. He emphasizes the importance of optimizing testosterone levels for men’s overall well-being and provides tips for women to help their partners who may be experiencing low testosterone.

3 min · 590 words · Dr. Berry

Boosting mitochondria and fat oxidation with vigorous exercise Dr. Martin Gibala

Dr. Martin Gibala discusses the benefits of high-intensity interval training for boosting mitochondria and fat oxidation. He emphasizes the importance of exercise as a stimulus for new mitochondria growth and increased fat and carbohydrate oxidation capacity. However, he also warns against overly vigorous exercise, which can temporarily impair mitochondrial capacity.

2 min · 342 words · Dr. Martin Gibala

Deion Sanders Coach Prime’s Emotional Reveal on His Health Family Support & HBCU Backlash Pivot

Deion Sanders, also known as Coach Prime, reveals personal details about his health and family support. He discusses his adjustment to a new normal after foot amputation and dealing with blood clots. Sanders emphasizes the importance of honesty, accountability, and academic success. He values versatility in player evaluations and reflects on his own playing career. Sanders maintains a positive attitude and is committed to making a difference in the lives of his players.

3 min · 444 words · Deion Sanders

Dr Layne Norton The Science of Eating for Health Fat Loss & Lean Muscle Huberman Lab Podcast

Dr. Layne Norton discusses nutrition and fitness topics including energy balance, artificial sweeteners, gut health, fasting, protein intake, and supplements. The interview provides insights into the science behind nutrition and fitness, addressing common misconceptions and providing actionable advice for improving health, losing weight, or building muscle.

2 min · 414 words · Dr. Layne Norton, Andrew Huberman

Dr. Robert Lustig How Sugar \u0026 Processed Foods Impact Your Health

Dr. Lustig discusses the negative effects of sugar and processed foods on health, highlighting the role of fiber, gut health, and different types of sugars in metabolic health. He suggests reducing sugar intake, increasing fiber, and advocating for better food policies for improved health.

3 min · 453 words · Dr. Robert Lustig, Dr. Andrew Huberman


The documentary explores the life and work of Dr. Sebi, a self-educated herbalist who claimed to cure various diseases through a diet eliminating mucus. Despite facing criticism and legal challenges, his work was respected, especially in entertainment circles. The video ends on a controversial note with his death in custody.

2 min · 284 words · Dr. Sebi, Michael White, Lisa Lopes, Pablo Medina, Annette Thomas, Patsy Williams, Ma Bowman, Usha Bowman, Saama Bowman

Eating You Alive - Diet Health and Wellness Documentary

This documentary explores the significant impact of diet on health and wellness, focusing on a plant-based diet. It features medical professionals and individuals who have seen health transformations by changing their diets, challenging conventional nutrition understanding and the healthcare industry’s shortcomings.

2 min · 386 words · Medical Professionals, Health Transformations Individuals

FAT A Documentary - Health and Wellness Documentary

FAT A Documentary delves into the history of dietary guidelines, the effects of fats on health, and the role of the ketogenic diet in treating certain health conditions. It features a variety of speakers who share their experiences and insights on dietary fats, challenging conventional wisdom and advocating for alternative dietary approaches.

2 min · 392 words · Jim and Nancy Abrams, Vinnie Tortorich, Dr. Gary Fettke, Dr. Georgia Ede, Dr. Stephen Phinney, Nina Teicholz, Dr. Eric Westman, Dr. Sarah Hallberg, Dave Feldman

How The Grinch Stole The Podcast Brooke and Connor Make A Podcast - Episode 99

In this comedic podcast episode, Brooke and Connor, dressed as the Grinch, discuss their holiday plans, celebrity encounters, and a gift guide. They also touch on a health issue related to Panera Bread’s charged lemonade and a break-in at Brooke’s house. The episode is light-hearted and entertaining, despite touching on some serious topics.

2 min · 344 words · Brooke, Connor

MOTIVATION TO START WORKING OUT IN 2024 getting back on track & starting your fitness journey !

The video by Fernand Ramirez is a motivational guide to starting a fitness journey in 2024. The speaker emphasizes on goal setting, removing obstacles, and maintaining consistency. He suggests activities like the ‘75 Hard’ challenge, and shares personal motivations for working out. The video is overall positive and encouraging, inspiring viewers to take control of their fitness journey.

2 min · 423 words · Fernand Ramirez

Nastya receives recommendations on how important it is to monitor your health

The video follows Nastya as she learns about the negative effects of consuming too much sugar and the importance of taking care of her health. She decides to remove sweets from her diet, opts for natural alternatives like honey, and learns about environmental conservation. Nastya and her friends also learn about friendship and respecting boundaries. The video emphasizes the importance of monitoring one’s health and taking proactive steps for a healthy lifestyle.

2 min · 415 words · Nastya

Peter Attias Supplement List

Peter Attia discusses the different supplements he takes, emphasizing the need for individual health consideration. He also warns against blindly following his routine and critiques certain supplement literature.

2 min · 321 words · Peter Attia


Podcast speaker, Steve, shares his battle with bronchitis, the lessons he’s learned from the Keto diet, and tips for successfully maintaining it. He also discusses the impact of over-the-counter medicines on glucose levels and his weighing routine.

2 min · 396 words · Steve from Sirus Keto

Stressed - A Documentary Film 4K OFFICIAL

The documentary ‘Stressed’ delves into the concept of stress, its historical context, impacts on individuals and the potential solution through Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). It combines expert interviews, historical insights, and personal testimonials to demonstrate how stress affects us and how it can be addressed emotionally for healing.

3 min · 436 words · Various health professionals, Dr. Scott Walker, Dr. Jim Buckley, Corporal Rory Hamill, Dr. Daniel Monti

THE BIOHACKING EXPERT NEW Research On How To Live Past 100 Years Old Dave Asprey

Biohacking expert Dave Asprey shares his insights on how to live past 100 years old, emphasizing on proper nutrition, efficient exercise routines, emotional well-being, and making informed dietary choices. His approach is based on biohacking principles that aim to optimize human performance and health.

2 min · 366 words · Dave Asprey, Jay Shetty

The LONGEVITY Doctor Are You Actually HEALTHY? 70% Of The Population Is NOT Dr. Peter Attia

Dr. Peter Attia discusses the importance of understanding family history, investing in health from an early age, and addressing both physical and emotional well-being. He emphasizes the need for adequate protein intake, the potential benefits of supplements, and the potential of regenerative agriculture to improve human health.

3 min · 569 words · Dr. Peter Attia

The Shrek Ick Brooke and Connor Make A Podcast - Episode 122

In this podcast episode, Brooke and Connor discuss travel, health, personal stories, and respond to listener’s ‘hot takes’. They also touch on mental health, language nuances, and age gaps in relationships.

2 min · 352 words · Brooke, Connor