“They Control Many Things” - Did The Jewish Lobby Cause The Fall of Iran or the CIA?

The video features an interview with the Shah of Iran’s son discussing the fall of Iran, his father’s reign, and the factors leading to his downfall. It also explores the complexities of Iran’s national identity and regional dynamics.

2 min · 332 words · Interviewer, Shah of Iran's son

CIA Spy & FBI Agent Expose TRUTH about UFOs & China

CIA and FBI agents discuss their experiences, the reality of their operations, the topic of UFOs, and geopolitical issues. They express skepticism towards official narratives and emphasize the importance of critical thinking.

2 min · 333 words · Steve (CIA agent), Jim (FBI agent), Danny (host), Julian (co-host)

CIA Spy Breaks Down Whats REALLY Happening in Israel John Kiriakou

Former CIA officer John Kiriakou critically analyzes international relations, with a focus on Russia, Israel, and the Middle East. He discusses government overreach in privacy, the Israel-Palestine conflict, U.S. foreign policy towards Russia, and the role of the CIA in the Iraq War.

2 min · 366 words · John Kiriakou

Former CIA Mike Baker PBD Podcast Ep. 315

The podcast features a discussion with former CIA officer Mike Baker about the recent Israel-Hamas conflict and the intelligence failures leading to violence escalation. Baker shares insights on the challenges faced by intelligence agencies and the complexities of the Middle East situation.

2 min · 357 words · PBD Podcast

Third Eye Spies (FULL DOCUMENTARY) CIA ESP Psychic Program Spy Secrets Declassified Documents

This documentary delves into the CIA’s use of psychic abilities for intelligence gathering, specifically remote viewing. It explores the program’s history, notable figures, successes, and controversies, suggesting that psychic abilities are a natural human capacity.

2 min · 406 words · Jimmy Carter, Russell Targ, Pat Price, Various CIA officials