Aitch Chunkz & Filly Show Episode 3

In episode 3 of the Chunkz and Filly Show, rapper Aitch discusses his life, career, and new business venture. The conversation covers a range of topics, including the impact of fame, fan interactions, unreleased music, and his love for travel. Aitch also reveals his new fizzy water brand, Sips.

2 min · 302 words · Aitch, Chunkz, Filly

CHUNKZ & FILLY! EP 333 ShxtsNGigs Podcast

In this podcast episode, Chunkz and Filly discuss their journey in the entertainment industry, their podcast, and future plans. The conversation is light-hearted, featuring a roast session, a ‘Best Friends Quiz’, and more.

1 min · 186 words · ShxtsNGigs Podcast