This video sermon discusses the importance of putting God first in one’s life, based on Matthew 1034-39. It outlines five steps to achieve this Fight, Family, Final, Forget, and Feel. It encourages reflection, prayer, and commitment to faith.

2 min · 289 words · Lani, Alex


This podcast episode, part of a series on Matthew, discusses the importance of a close relationship with Jesus, empathy, and expressing feelings. It encourages listeners to embrace the teachings of the apostles, show solidarity with the persecuted, and express their feelings to others.

2 min · 271 words · Lani, Alex

The Big Questions For Women with Lisa Bevere Joyce Meyers Talk It Out Podcast Episode 117

In this empowering episode of Joyce Meyer’s podcast, Lisa Bevere, a bestselling author and speaker, joins the hosts to discuss big questions women often face. They cover topics like finding purpose, handling criticism, and navigating inappropriate behavior.

3 min · 535 words · Lisa Bevere, Joyce Meyer, Ginger Stache, Erin Cluley

Vatican City - The secrets of the Catholic Churchs seat of power DW Documentary

This documentary explores Vatican City, the seat of the Catholic Church. It delves into the architectural marvels like St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Apostolic Archives. The video also highlights the Vatican’s historical significance and its role as the spiritual center for Christians worldwide.

2 min · 340 words · Multiple narrators, historians, architects