How Russia Torched 50 Years of Strategic Planning in a Month! Peter Zeihan

Peter Zeihan discusses the current state of China and Russia’s strategic planning and the potential implications for the United States. He highlights the unpredictability of China’s actions and suggests that Russia may not be able to provide much more support to China. Zeihan emphasizes the vulnerability of China to economic sanctions and the potential consequences of such actions. He also discusses the historical relationship between the United States and Mexico, highlighting the distrust that has existed in the past. However, he notes that since the implementation of NAFTA in 1995, Mexico has become the United States’ largest trading partner and a potential ally. Finally, Zeihan dismisses the notion that China poses a significant technological threat to the United States, citing the limitations of China’s education system and the scale issue they face in terms of skilled labor.

3 min · 629 words · Peter Zeihan