Emergency C-section hemorrhaging and baby in the NICU w/ my brother and sister-in-law Ep. 41

This video features Abby and Caleb Howard discussing their challenging childbirth experience, including an emergency C-section, post-surgery hemorrhaging, and their baby’s NICU stay. They also touch on breastfeeding, family planning, and the emotional stress of new parenthood.

2 min · 329 words · Caleb Howard, Abby Howard, Matt (Host), Abby (Host)

NEW Elon Musk Leaves Audience Speechless in Italy

In a thought-provoking speech, Elon Musk discusses various societal issues, from declining birth rates and the need for childbirth incentives, to the risks of AI and the importance of free speech. He also criticizes the environmental movement’s extreme views and the ‘woke mind virus.’

2 min · 393 words · Elon Musk, Unnamed Interviewer