Armut in Deutschland - Die Grünen feiern!

The video discusses the issue of poverty in Germany and criticizes the lack of coverage in the German press. Factors contributing to poverty include high food prices, inflation, high energy costs, and lack of economic growth. The speaker highlights low retirement pensions, increasing child poverty, and the alarming rise in the number of people living in poverty. The video concludes with a promotion of a Dubai investor tour.

2 min · 415 words · Unknown

Watch Politics Hub with Sophy Ridge with guests former PM Gordon Brown and Michelle Donelan

In this episode, Sophy Ridge, Gordon Brown, and Michelle Donelan discuss the approval of the Rosebank oil field, the suspension of GB News presenters, and the role of Ofcom. They also talk about infrastructure investment, migration, economic growth, child poverty, and achieving Net Zero emissions.

2 min · 377 words · Sophy Ridge, Gordon Brown, Michelle Donelan