Dangerous child labor in the Philippines DW Documentary

This documentary exposes the dangerous reality of child labor in the Philippines’ gold mining industry, where children risk their lives in unsafe, small-scale mines. Despite existing laws, child labor and unsafe practices persist due to economic necessity and lack of enforcement.

2 min · 391 words · Narrator, Rogelio Ramos, Hato, Androv, Evelyne Santos, Hato's school teacher, Abel Florevil Oco, Serafin Dasco, Honesto Sabanal, Dennis Junior, Dennis Junior's Father

Deadliest Roads Ivory Coast Gold and Cocoa Rush Free Documentary

The documentary explores the economic reliance of Ivory Coast on cocoa, gold, and the dangerous conditions of its roads. It highlights the resilience of Ivorians despite poverty, child labor, and unsafe mining practices. It advocates for road improvements, safer vehicles, education, and alternatives to dangerous jobs to boost the country’s future.

2 min · 330 words · Yao, Dao, Yaku, Zakaria, Lamin, Saliman, Ramarik