14 Year Old Killer Thinks Hes Going Home

This video details the tragic case of Eldon Samuel III, a 14-year-old who murdered his father and brother in Idaho. The family had a history of domestic violence and drug use. Eldon was tried as an adult and found guilty of second-degree murder for killing his father and first-degree murder for killing his brother.

2 min · 318 words · Unidentified Police Officers, Eldon Samuel III, Neighbors and family members of the suspect

The EVIL Case of Shanda Vander Ark

This true crime documentary investigates the horrifying case of Shanda Vander Ark’s abuse and neglect leading to the death of her son, Timothy. The video uncovers the inhumane actions of Shanda and her other son, Paul, revealed through police interviews, medical examinations, and chilling evidence.

2 min · 330 words · Shanda Vander Ark, Paul Ferguson, Police Officers, Interrogators, Medical Personnel