Logan Paul Saves Rey Mysterio’s Life MrBeast Makes Huge Mistake PRIME Sells $1.2 Billion - EP. 399

Episode 399 features discussions on Logan Paul’s WWE experience, MrBeast’s charitable controversy, and PRIME Hydration’s success. The sentiment is a mix of pride, reflection, humor, and societal critique. Notable points include Logan’s US Championship win, MrBeast’s charity work scrutiny, and PRIME’s billionth bottle sale.

2 min · 321 words · Logan Paul, Jeff (co-host), Mark (co-host)

Russ Cook (Hardest Geezer) I Havent Told The Whole Truth About Africa!

Endurance athlete Russ Cook shares his transformative journey of attempting to run the length of Africa. The journey, filled with challenges including kidnapping and health issues, also improved his strained family relationships and was a fundraising effort for The Running Charity. Post-mission, Russ plans to use his experiences to support others on their adventures.

2 min · 355 words · Interviewer, Russ Cook, Emily Bell, Stan, Russ's Father

The BEST & WORST Sidemen s of 2023!! (#239)

In this episode of the What’s Good Podcast, hosts Nick and Joel, along with Sidemen members and other guests, discuss the best and worst Sidemen videos of 2023, personal updates, and the future of the podcast. They also talk about their New Year’s resolutions, the importance of content over set design, and M7 Education, a charity initiative.

2 min · 321 words · Nick, Joel, Simon, T, Liam, James, Harry, Ethan, Josh, Vic, Chris, Jamie

The John Cena Interview - IMPAULSIVE EP. 407

John Cena discusses his wrestling career, personal philosophy, and transition to acting on the IMPAULSIVE podcast. He shares his experiences with WWE, learning Mandarin, maintaining a disciplined approach to social media, and his involvement in charitable work. Cena reflects on past mistakes and emphasizes the importance of personal growth, accountability, and communication.

3 min · 451 words · Logan Paul, John Cena, IMPAULSIVE co-hosts

The Sexiest Batman Alive The Guy on the Chiefs and A Kelce Duet Ep 64

In the 64th episode of ‘New Heights’, NFL siblings Travis and Jason Kelce discuss personal experiences, NFL storylines, and off-field adventures. They also talk about Travis being a finalist for ‘Sexiest Man Alive’, their charity Christmas song, and fan engagement events.

2 min · 370 words · Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce