Alexs PERSONAL Akashic Record CHANNELED LIVE! This WILL Leave You SPEECHLESS! Brynne Dippell

Brynne Dippell, a channeler of the Akashic Records, accesses Alex’s personal records, revealing insights about his life purpose and the future trajectory of his show, ‘Next Level Soul’. The records suggest significant growth for the show and emphasize the importance of personal gatherings and translations into multiple languages.

2 min · 375 words · Alex, Brynne Dippell

Change is COMING! LIVE CHANNELING REVEALS Uncertain FUTURE For Mankind! Gabriele Heikamp

Gabriele Heikamp, a medium who channels a collective of beings known as the Elohim, shares insights on spiritual evolution, the future of humanity, the afterlife, and AI. She encourages personal growth, love, unity, and positive transformation.

2 min · 336 words · Gabriele Heikamp