300 km mit dem Fahrrad zum Meer - Wie schwer ist es?

In this video, the YouTuber Karl embarks on a challenge to bike 300 km to the sea without spending hundreds of euros on travel expenses. He documents his journey, sharing his experiences, challenges, and thoughts along the way.

2 min · 269 words · Karl


In this video, the content creator plays Minecraft with a crafting randomizer mod, swapping all the crafting recipes and making it difficult to progress. They explore villages, encounter challenges, and manage to craft various items and defeat the Ender Dragon.

2 min · 259 words · Content Creator

Pokemon but every step my team loses 1HP

In this video, the content creator plays Pokemon Emerald with a unique challenge. Every step they take, their Pokemon lose 1 HP. They strategically use moves and healing items to progress in the game and build a strong team. They face various challenges, defeat gym leaders, and ultimately emerge victorious against the Champion. The video showcases the strength and strategy of their team.

2 min · 380 words · Content Creator

Roadtrip Challenge mit Golfcart - ohne Navi lost in Italien Das schaffst du nie!

Sebastian Meinberg takes on a road trip challenge from an undisclosed location in Emilia Romana to Rimini in Italy using a golf cart without navigation. He is given a time limit until sunset to reach Rimini, facing challenges such as finding the correct route and conserving battery power. Despite setbacks, Meinberg eventually completes the challenge.

2 min · 331 words · Sebastian Meinberg

Try Not To Laugh The Podcast The Rematch Smosh Mouth 29

This podcast episode revolves around a ‘Try Not To Laugh’ challenge, with hosts Shayne, Amanda, and guest Angela engaging in comedic games. The stakes include a $40 gift card, and the episode is filled with humorous anecdotes, impressions, and embarrassing stories.

2 min · 426 words · Shayne Topp, Amanda Lehan-Canto, Angela Giarratani

Try Not To Laugh The Podcast w/ Courtney Miller Smosh Mouth 35

In this episode of ‘Smosh Mouth’, hosts Shayne, Amanda and guest Courtney Miller partake in a ‘Try Not To Laugh’ challenge. They share stories, play sound clips and discuss what makes them laugh. The atmosphere is friendly, competitive and full of humor.

2 min · 398 words · Shayne, Amanda, Courtney Miller