Elon Musk on Buying Twitter and Turning It Into X

Elon Musk discusses his acquisition of Twitter, now renamed ‘X’, and criticizes the platform’s impact on civilization. He condemns its suppression of differing viewpoints and describes it as a far-left information weapon. Musk’s vision for ‘X’ is to represent humanity’s collective consciousness, excluding only those advocating illegal activities or murder.

2 min · 399 words · Interviewer, Elon Musk

The Andrew Tate Interview - PART 1 EP. 47

Andrew Tate discusses his move to Eastern Europe, societal issues in the West, and the impact of social media. He talks about his cancellation from platforms, his views on money and power, and his strategy to become famous. Tate encourages men to strive for excellence and individuals to learn from feedback and surround themselves with positivity.

2 min · 376 words · Andrew Tate, George Janko

Vara Serbakova otnosenia deti zenzura i pervyj raz (podkast «pravilo 34»)

Vara Serbakova discusses various topics related to relationships, children, censorship, and first sexual experiences in the ‘Rule 34’ podcast. She shares personal stories and views on the importance of open dialogue about sex and the role of censorship in comedy shows.

2 min · 262 words · Vara Serbakova

Wird unser Podcast bald zensiert? - Hoss und Hopf

In episode

2 min · 364 words · Kai Schossenpur, Philip Hopf