Cannabis für alle ARTE Re Reupload

The video discusses the current status of cannabis in Germany and explores the potential for its legalization for recreational use. It highlights the growing demand for medical cannabis and the challenges faced by patients in accessing it. The video also examines the efforts of entrepreneurs and startups in Germany to cultivate and produce high-quality cannabis for medical and potentially recreational use. It discusses the potential economic benefits and job opportunities that could arise from the legalization of cannabis. The video also compares the approach to cannabis in other countries, such as the Netherlands and Switzerland, and explores the arguments for and against its legalization.

2 min · 409 words · ARTE

The Effects of Cannabis (Marijuana) on the Brain \u0026 Body Huberman Lab Podcast

In this podcast episode, Andrew Huberman discusses the effects of cannabis (marijuana) on the brain and body, including the compounds THC and CBD, different strains of cannabis, and the legality and medicinal applications of cannabis. He explores its impact on cognition, creativity, anxiety, depression, and sex differences in response. The episode also introduces the Huberman Lab Premium Channel and a Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) protocol for relaxation and recovery.

2 min · 399 words · Andrew Huberman