Candace Owens Club Random with Bill Maher

Candace Owens and Bill Maher engage in a wide-ranging discussion on topics like Trump’s presidency, climate change, and racism. The conversation underscores the importance of open dialogue and understanding different perspectives.

2 min · 402 words · Candace Owens, Bill Maher

Candace Owens x Andrew Tate The Interview

Candace Owens interviews Andrew Tate, a former webcam business owner and professional kickboxer. They discuss Tate’s experiences, criticisms, personal growth, and his views on masculinity, culture, and influence. Tate also addresses issues around pornography and the societal push to feminize men.

2 min · 337 words · Candace Owens, Andrew Tate

The ONE Thing Women Need To Stop Doing In 2024

Candace Owens criticizes societal trends and media portrayal of events, while promoting honesty, health, and resilience. She encourages women to stop oversharing trauma online and be aware of the pharmaceutical industry’s influence.

2 min · 309 words · Candace Owens