Bill Burr Live at the Troubadour 3 the Monday Morning Podcast

Bill Burr Live at the Troubadour 3 | the Monday Morning Podcast is a hilarious stand-up comedy routine by Bill Burr. He covers a wide range of topics including social media, aging, music concerts, gay cruises, religion, video games, and observations about different countries and cultures. With his comedic and sarcastic style, Burr comments on life and society, using exaggerated language and controversial statements to elicit laughter from the audience. This video offers a unique perspective on societal norms and personal experiences, challenging the perception of success and the pursuit of material possessions.

3 min · 433 words · Bill Burr

Politics Hub with Sophy Ridge Is suspending Russell Brands YouTube earnings cancel culture?

Join Sophy Ridge in this episode of Politics Hub as she discusses the suspension of Russell Brand’s YouTube earnings and the concept of cancel culture. The conversation expands to explore the Sachsgate scandal, focusing on Georgina Bailey’s experience and the need for victims to have a voice. This thought-provoking discussion emphasizes the importance of addressing past injustices and promoting accountability.

3 min · 476 words · Sophy Ridge

Roseanne Barr PBD Podcast Ep. 313

Roseanne Barr, a renowned actress, shares her views on current global events, her career challenges and the importance of self-assertion. She also delves into the role of media, the influence of the left, and the impact of cancel culture.

3 min · 469 words · Roseanne Barr, PBD Podcast

USA the Woke Revolution Has It Gone Too Far?

The video explores the ‘Woke’ revolution in the USA, discussing concepts like racism, gender identity, cultural appropriation, ‘white privilege’, ‘microaggressions’, ‘cancel culture’, and reparations for African Americans. It also highlights a dinner in Denver where guests discuss these issues.

2 min · 309 words · Kathy, Lou, Barbara, Carol, Saila, Regina, Margaret, David, Alicia McCauley, Nico, Katherine Greenberg, Chanel, Lala, Paul Rossi, George Davison, Terrence Floyd, Brianna Titone, Logan, Veronica Ivy

Was Jordan Peterson Right About Me? & Bad News About Jimmy Lee - H3TV

Ethan Klein of H3TV discusses his transition from comedy to political commentary, facing backlash for his views on Israel, and his disagreement with the idea of being ‘canceled’ by his audience.

2 min · 312 words · Ethan Klein, Hila Klein, Brett Cooper, Jordan Peterson