Canadas woke nightmare A warning to the West Documentary

Explores the current state of Canada under Trudeau’s leadership, highlighting the negative consequences of his progressive policies. Covers topics such as sexualization of society, rise in homelessness and crime, legalization of drugs, restrictions on freedom of speech, and controversial euthanasia laws. Serves as a warning to other Western countries about the dangers of embracing woke ideology.

2 min · 380 words · Unknown

K-Element In Canada is Powerful Disciplined Organised & Plugged Into Politics Terry Milewski

Roshni discusses the anger in Mumbai and the planned concert in response to a viral distorted map picture. Terry Milewski joins to criticize Trudeau’s travel advisory on India and his provocative statements without evidence. Milewski highlights the presence of Khalistani elements in Canada and the lack of action taken against them.

3 min · 463 words · Roshni, Terry Milewski

Possible Solutions For The

This podcast discusses the tensions between India and Canada, focusing on allegations of Indian intelligence agencies’ involvement in the murder of a Sikh activist. The need for better communication, cooperation, and concrete action from both countries to address Khalistani extremism is emphasized.

4 min · 643 words · Kushal Mehra, Terry Milewski

Trudeau Blames Nazi Ovation On RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA Rising

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blames the invitation of Nazi-linked veteran Yaroslav Hunka to Canada’s parliament on Russian propaganda. He expresses disappointment and embarrassment, emphasizing the need to push back against Russian disinformation and support Ukraine. Michael and Bree discuss the incident and the debate surrounding it, questioning the response blaming Russian influence and highlighting the presence of Nazis in political circles. They call for thorough research, investigation, and open conversations about hatred and work towards combating hate crimes.

3 min · 435 words · Justin Trudeau, Michael, Bree