Putin nach Flugzeugabsturz Lobeshymne auf Prigoschin

In this video, Russian President Vladimir Putin indirectly confirms the death of mercenary leader Evgeny Prigoshin in a plane crash north of Moscow. Putin expresses condolences to Prigoshin’s family and states that the cause of the crash will be investigated. He describes Prigoshin as a man with a complicated fate who made mistakes but achieved results both for himself and for the common cause. Putin acknowledges Prigoshin’s talent and success as a businessman, particularly in Africa. This is the first time Putin has publicly commented on the crash and his relationship with Prigoshin since their falling out in June.

2 min · 425 words · Russian President Vladimir Putin

PUTINS KALKÜL? \Ich selbst war auch überrascht\ – Unerwartete Kondolenz zu Jewgeni Prigoschins Tod

In this video, Christoph Wander discusses Russian President Vladimir Putin’s surprising comments on the death of Jewgeni Prigoschin and the other Wagner mercenaries. He explores the rift between Putin and Prigoschin, the importance of understanding Putin’s value system, and the Russian tradition of speaking about the dead. Wander acknowledges Prigoschin’s past mistakes but also recognizes his talent as a businessman. The most important message from Putin’s speech is the integration of the Wagner mercenaries into the Russian Defense Ministry and the installation of a Kremlin-loyal leadership within the paramilitary organization, particularly relevant for their operations in Africa.

3 min · 556 words · Christoph Wander