1€ vs 1000 € Limonade!!

Toni and his friend Roman decide to sell lemonade to earn money for a döner. Toni creates a luxurious stand while Roman uses unique flavors. Toni’s stand becomes more elaborate, but Roman tries to sabotage him. The authorities shut down Toni’s stand, but they both realize it’s not worth it to compete. They decide to enjoy their döner together.

2 min · 358 words · Toni, Roman

Bill Ackman How to Get RICH During Inflation (RARE New Interview)

In this interview, Bill Ackman discusses the future of inflation and how businesses can thrive in a high-inflation environment. He suggests investing in companies with pricing power and ‘asset light’ businesses.

2 min · 303 words · Interviewer, Bill Ackman

Jeremy Boreing PBD Podcast Ep. 333

Patrick Bet-David interviews Jeremy Boreing, co-founder and co-CEO of The Daily Wire. They discuss Boreing’s career, the balance of success and values, and his views on politics and culture.

2 min · 404 words · Patrick Bet-David, Jeremy Boreing

Mark Zuckerberg Future of AI at Meta Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp Lex Fridman Podcast

Mark Zuckerberg discusses the future of AI at Meta (formerly Facebook) and its platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. They explore the potential of AI in various aspects of life, emphasizing personal assistants, AI agents, and AI tools. The interview highlights the importance of open source development, responsible AI practices, and ongoing research in shaping the future of AI.

2 min · 350 words · Lex Fridman

Uspah V Biznesa Se Promenim I SOFIA - Vasil Terziev

The video is an interview with Vasil Terziev, a successful Bulgarian entrepreneur and Sofia’s mayoral candidate. It discusses business entrepreneurship, team building, and their impact on Sofia’s governance and future development. Terziev shares insights on business success, the importance of transparency, integrity, and competence in politics, and his vision for Sofia’s development.

2 min · 334 words · Vasil Terziev, Invesco Podcast Host