Frank Luntz warning to Brexit Britain Dont allow American politics in!

Frank Luntz, an American pollster, warns the UK against adopting American-style politics. He highlights the challenges facing the Conservative party and Labour, and emphasizes the importance of truthful communication and affordability for the average Brit. He also predicts a potential Trump presidency in the US.

2 min · 337 words · Unidentified interviewer, Frank Luntz

Suella Braverman Absolutely Torches Rishi Sunak

The video discusses internal strife in the UK Conservative Party, with Suella Braverman criticizing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the ‘globalist wing’. Concerns are raised over the party’s handling of immigration, the Rwanda plan, and adherence to EU laws post-Brexit. The video calls for decisive action on these key issues.

2 min · 321 words · Unnamed narrator/host, Suella Braverman, Rishi Sunak

The Brexit Scandal Corruption In The UK Documentary British Political System

This investigative documentary explores the influence of money and power in the Brexit process, revealing how a small group within the British establishment used Brexit to pursue a radical economic agenda. It uncovers the financing of the Leave campaigns, the push for a hard Brexit, and the potential consequences for the UK economy and peace in Northern Ireland.

3 min · 496 words · Peter Geoghegan, David Gauke, Guy Verhofstadt, Sonia Sodha, Richard Tice, Francis Coppola, Shanker Singham, Mark Littlewood, Stephen Kelly