Stolen Valor Purple Hearts & IEDs ft. Brandon Herrera Crispy & Jack - Unsubscribe Podcast Ep 131

This podcast episode features veterans sharing their experiences and discussing issues like the VA system’s shortcomings and the importance of tangible support for veterans. They also touch on their personal war stories, including injuries from IED explosions, and the need for healthy coping mechanisms post-service.

2 min · 310 words · Host (unnamed), Crispy, Jack Mandaville, Brandon Herrera

THE AUTISM TEST ft. AJ Wilkerson Brandon Herrera & Jack Mandaville - Unsubscribe Podcast Ep 128

In this Unsubscribe Podcast episode, AJ Wilkerson, an autistic veteran and comedian, joins hosts Brandon Herrera and Jack Mandaville. They discuss autism, military experiences, and comedy, sharing personal stories and insights. The conversation also touches on boxing, self-acceptance, and embracing uniqueness.

3 min · 432 words · AJ Wilkerson, Brandon Herrera, Jack Mandaville