Bretman Rock Tell-All His Private Relationship + Wildest Fantasies - PRETTY BASIC B*TCH EXCLUSIVE

In this ‘Pretty Basic’ episode, internet sensation Bretman Rock discusses his life, career, and approach to privacy. He talks about his experiences with fame, the boundaries he sets between his online persona and personal life, and his past relationships. The podcast is candid, humorous, and introspective.

2 min · 346 words · Remy Cruz, Alicia Marie

WORLD LEADING THERAPIST Answers The Biggest Questions People Ask In Therapy Lori Gottlieb

World-renowned therapist Lori Gottlieb provides insightful answers to common therapy questions. She emphasizes on self-awareness, communication, and boundaries in relationships. She also encourages the use of journaling for personal growth and processing grief from breakups.

2 min · 369 words · Lori Gottlieb, Jay Shetty