No longer a foreign threat New bipartisan group calls out MAGA movement as fascist

A new bipartisan group called Mission Democracy has released a video calling out the MAGA movement as fascist and a threat to the nation’s fundamental ideals. The video highlights the increasing organization, energy, and violence of extremists in the country and politics. It emphasizes the importance of public awareness and voter knowledge in the upcoming elections. The actions of the MAGA movement, including book banning, attempts to overturn elections, erasing parts of history, and criminalizing women’s healthcare, are described as fascist. The video aims to raise the stakes for middle America voters and make them understand that democracy is at risk. The speakers in the video include Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher, pollster and founder of Brilliant Corners Research, Miles Taylor, host of ‘Fast Politics’ podcast and Vanity Fair correspondent, and Katty Kay, U.S. special correspondent for BBC Studios and MSNBC contributor.

3 min · 479 words · Cornell Belcher, Miles Taylor, Katty Kay