Just A Filmy Game Show ft. ShreejaChaturvedi & SumairaShaikh Bodyguard of the Year

Shreeja Chaturvedi and Sumaira Shaikh compete in a Bollywood-themed game show, engaging in lively banter and showcasing their knowledge of Bollywood movies and songs.

2 min · 323 words · Shreeja Chaturvedi, Sumaira Shaikh, Suhas Navarathna

Mumbai the Infernal Megalopolis

This video explores Mumbai’s economic dynamism and the social and environmental challenges it faces due to overcrowding, poverty, and human-wildlife conflict. It calls for infrastructural improvements and equitable development practices.

2 min · 343 words · Vinit, Samir Zaveri, Bharat Dhupar, Mahesh, Imran, Babulal Varma, Residents of Mumbai, Antonia, Jeremy, Pierre, Krupa Tucker, Santosh Bania, Mukesh More