Coaching beendet Vadim ist offiziell RAUS

In this video, Johannes Lukas, a coach, has a conversation with Vadim, a 17-year-old bodybuilder, about their coaching journey and Vadim’s decision to quit competitive bodybuilding. They discuss the challenges they faced, Vadim’s struggles with pressure and criticism, the importance of communication and facing fears, and Vadim’s desire to focus on building strength and muscle mass in a healthier way. The video ends with Vadim apologizing to the group and expressing gratitude for their support.

2 min · 304 words · Johannes Lukas, Vadim

Jahresrueckblick der Podcasts bei Ben 2023

The video ‘Jahresrückblick der Podcasts bei Ben 2023’ is a recap of the podcasts hosted by Ben in 2023. It includes trailers, discussions, and interviews about bodybuilding, personal stories, and more. The video carries a tone of nostalgia, celebration, and camaraderie within the bodybuilding world.

2 min · 365 words · Ben (Host), Various guests

Phil Health Teaches Shannon Sharpe How To Lift Like A Body Builder Ep. 64 CLUB SHAY SHAY

In this episode of “Club Shay Shay”, former professional football player Shannon Sharpe is trained by seven-time Mr. Olympia winner and professional bodybuilder Phil Heath. They meet at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach and Phil teaches Shannon various exercises, shares insights into his bodybuilding journey, and discusses the potential for other athletes to excel in bodybuilding. The episode also showcases various bodybuilding poses.

3 min · 491 words · Shannon Sharpe, Phil Heath