Bobby Lee This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von

In this episode, Bobby Lee and Theo Von discuss various topics such as tour dates, merch, racism, relationships, and personal experiences. The sentiment is light-hearted with occasional serious moments.

2 min · 383 words · Bobby Lee, Theo Von

Heavens Back Door Ep 216 Bad Friends

In this comedic podcast episode, Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino engage in light-hearted banter and discuss various topics from the nature of heaven and hell to societal expectations. Despite the humor, underlying themes of respect and amending past mistakes are prevalent. The tone is generally jovial, with moments of reflection on cultural expectations and challenges faced by minorities in various industries.

2 min · 294 words · Bobby Lee, Andrew Santino

Poo Man On The Wall Ep 193 Bad Friends

In this humorous episode of Bad Friends, Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee discuss their new merchandise, comedy tour, and Bobby’s star treatment at Disneyland. They engage in playful banter about their social dynamics and housekeeping habits. The episode features a heartfelt discussion with Carlos, a former show member, and a humorous segment where Rudy takes a sexual orientation quiz.

3 min · 572 words · Andrew Santino, Bobby Lee

The Magic Lick Ep 191 Bad Friends

In this humorous episode of Bad Friends, Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino discuss a Halloween prank, taste Japanese candy, and share their recent experiences. The conversation also includes a discussion on anime series One Piece and Bobby’s pimple patch mishap.

3 min · 465 words · Bobby Lee, Andrew Santino