Amazing Quest Ecuador Guatemala and More Somewhere on Earth Best Of Free Documentary

The documentary takes viewers on a journey through the diverse landscapes and cultures of Ecuador, Guatemala, and Belize. It showcases individuals who have dedicated their lives to exploring, preserving, and understanding the rich biodiversity and cultural heritage of these regions. The overall sentiment is one of admiration for the individuals featured and their passionate commitment to preserving the beauty and diversity of these places.

3 min · 450 words · Xavier, Armando, H, Teo, Maria, Gigi, Edna Alvarez, Roland Griffin, Melito

Quest for the Uncharted World Sulawesi Indonesia Free Documentary

An expedition team explores the untouched Mataro mountain range in Sulawesi, Indonesia, discovering unique species and archaeological artifacts. The team expresses concern over threats to the ecosystems due to overexploitation of natural resources, and plans to continue their research and conservation efforts.

2 min · 354 words · Edvard Vendom, Aelan Bore, Jean Michel Bishan, Lucage, Ori C, Tong

The Amazon Rainforests Incredibly Unique Environment Equator

This video explores the unique environment of the Amazon rainforest, its diverse species, and how they adapt to changing seasons. It also discusses the geological history of Amazonia and the impact of climate change on its ecosystem.

2 min · 390 words · Narrator

The Forgotten Era What Really Happened AFTER the Dinosaurs Went Extinct ? Earth History Documentary

This documentary explores the aftermath of the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event, the rise of mammals and birds, and the evolutionary shifts after the dinosaurs’ extinction. It traces the evolution of various animal groups, discusses the rise of flowering plants, and covers the geological and climatic changes that continued to shape life on Earth.

2 min · 425 words · Unknown