Bill Ackman How to Get RICH During Inflation (RARE New Interview)

In this interview, Bill Ackman discusses the future of inflation and how businesses can thrive in a high-inflation environment. He suggests investing in companies with pricing power and ‘asset light’ businesses.

2 min · 303 words · Interviewer, Bill Ackman

Bill Ackman Investing Financial Battles Harvard DEI X & Free Speech Lex Fridman Podcast

In this podcast, investor Bill Ackman shares insights on his investment philosophy, his battles in the financial world, and his views on DEI ideologies and free speech. He also addresses the plagiarism allegations against his wife.

2 min · 394 words · Lex Fridman, Bill Ackman

Will Google win the AI race? Bill Ackman and Lex Fridman

Bill Ackman and Lex Fridman discuss Google’s position in the AI race, highlighting its strengths such as dominance in online advertising, access to massive training data, skilled engineers, and financial resources. Despite potential AI risks, they express confidence in Google’s capabilities.

2 min · 401 words · Bill Ackman, Lex Fridman