Michael Malice Thanksgiving Pirate Special Lex Fridman Podcast

Lex Fridman and Michael Malice engage in a warm, introspective conversation covering a wide range of topics, from contemporary art to the role of humor and family in life. Malice shares his passion for wet shaving and his love for his career as an author.

3 min · 475 words · Lex Fridman, Michael Malice

PUTINS KALKÜL? \Ich selbst war auch überrascht\ – Unerwartete Kondolenz zu Jewgeni Prigoschins Tod

In this video, Christoph Wander discusses Russian President Vladimir Putin’s surprising comments on the death of Jewgeni Prigoschin and the other Wagner mercenaries. He explores the rift between Putin and Prigoschin, the importance of understanding Putin’s value system, and the Russian tradition of speaking about the dead. Wander acknowledges Prigoschin’s past mistakes but also recognizes his talent as a businessman. The most important message from Putin’s speech is the integration of the Wagner mercenaries into the Russian Defense Ministry and the installation of a Kremlin-loyal leadership within the paramilitary organization, particularly relevant for their operations in Africa.

3 min · 556 words · Christoph Wander

The best man murderer - Murder Documentary UK

This UK murder documentary focuses on the tragic story of Christopher Honor, murdered by his long-time friend and best man, Christopher Stratt, following a betrayal. Stratt, found guilty of murder, was sentenced to 26 years in prison. His wife, Lesley, was also found guilty of assisting an offender and was sentenced to five years.

2 min · 300 words · Christopher Honor, Christopher Stratt, Lesley Stratt, Katherine Taylor

The Poison of Betrayal That Chapter Podcast

This podcast episode discusses two shocking stories of betrayal leading to murder, involving the cases of Becky Watts and Sarah Stern. The host emphasizes the importance of mental health awareness and support for victims.

3 min · 510 words · Mike