Tristan Tate EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Jail Brotherhood Politics Religion Fashion

Tristan Tate discusses his time in jail, his relationship with his brother Andrew Tate, his views on religion, and his interest in politics. He talks about the media’s portrayal of him and his brother, his own religious beliefs, and the importance of respecting others’ beliefs. Tristan shares his love for cigars and his collection of accessories. He expresses his views on abortion and the current political landscape. Tristan also discusses his admiration for Elon Musk and his involvement in platforms like the Real World and the War Room. Overall, he provides insights into his personal life, beliefs, and experiences.

2 min · 227 words · Tristan Tate

हिन्दू धर्म Ki हैरान Kerne Wali कहानिया RealTalk Stories

The video discusses various stories and beliefs related to Hinduism, including the belief in Lord Krishna resting at a temple in Bastar, Akshat Gupta’s book ‘The Hidden Hindu’ and its focus on inclusivity, the growth of a Shivling in Ambikapur, the emergence of an idol of Hanuman from a tree, and the magical and mystical elements associated with Hindu temples. It also highlights the importance of women as gatekeepers and decision-makers in Hinduism.

2 min · 297 words · RealTalk Stories