Alperen Şengün On Jokic Comparisons James Harden Moment & All-Star Goals EP 31

Young NBA player Alperen Şengün discusses his career, his unique free-throw routine, his respect for Nikola Jokić, and his ambitions for All-Star recognition. He also discusses the importance of team success and his focus on improving his English.

2 min · 396 words · Dallas Rutherford, Jackie Long

End of November NBA Power Poll The Bill Simmons Podcast

Bill Simmons analyzes and ranks NBA teams, highlighting key players and potential trades. He provides a detailed overview of team performance, future predictions and expresses concerns over certain teams’ defensive capabilities.

2 min · 327 words · Bill Simmons

Lou Williams On Why He’s A Hall Of Famer Truth About The Bubble & Allen Iverson’s Influence EP 29

NBA player Lou Williams reflects on his career, retirement, and journey from high school to NBA. He shares experiences with Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant, discusses the NBA bubble, and expresses his belief in his Hall of Fame candidacy. The video is reflective, celebrating Williams’ career, and offers advice to young players.

3 min · 471 words · Podcast Hosts, Lou Williams

Shane Battier remembers his Miami Heat championship runs battles against Kobe Duke years & more

This video features former NBA player and Duke University alumnus, Shane Battier, reminiscing about his basketball career, including his time at Miami Heat, battles against Kobe Bryant, and his years at Duke. Battier discusses his first NBA experience, his high school years, his decision to attend Duke, his draft experience, his analytical approach to defense, his time with the Houston Rockets and Memphis Grizzlies, and his post-career work.

3 min · 488 words · Two unidentified hosts