Aktuelle Banken-Insights So geht Immobilienfinanzierung im Jahr 2023!

The video discusses the current state of real estate financing in 2023, highlighting the impact of inflation and higher interest rates on transactions. It advises considering longer-term mortgage options, evaluating interest rates and repayment amounts, using a free financial tool for assessment, and assessing the household budget. Other factors to consider include inflation, interest rate changes, additional costs, researching different banks, and seeking professional advice.

3 min · 471 words · Speaker

Nast_pva li Bankovata Zima? - doz. Grigor Sarijski

In this episode, Dr. Grigor Sarijski discusses the banking situation in America and Europe, the impact of printing money, raising interest rates, and the potential risks facing the banking system. He also touches on the real estate market and factors influencing housing affordability.

3 min · 458 words · Dr. Grigor Sarijski