Sam Harris - Take Back Control Of Your Mind (4K) Modern Wisdom 661

In this video, Sam Harris discusses the importance of taking control of one’s mind and living in the present moment. He reflects on his experience with Twitter and how it negatively impacted his life, leading him to realize the false and destructive nature of online interactions. Harris emphasizes the need to pay attention to one’s own mind and cultivate wisdom, which he defines as the capacity to take one’s own advice. He also discusses the negative effects of social media on attention and the fragmentation of our lives. Harris shares his thoughts on Tucker Carlson’s move to Twitter and the rise of alternative media. He highlights the importance of distinguishing between reliable sources of information and conspiracy theories. Harris also explores the concept of death and its impact on how we live our lives, emphasizing the need to find happiness in the present moment rather than constantly seeking it in the future. He discusses his differing views on religion with Jordan Peterson and the role of storytelling in giving meaning to life. Harris concludes by addressing the current state of misinformation and the need for a balance between free speech and the spread of falsehoods.

4 min · 655 words · Sam Harris