AlphaGo - The Movie Full award-winning documentary

This award-winning documentary follows the journey of AI program AlphaGo, developed by DeepMind, as it takes on and defeats world champion Go player Lee Sedol. It explores the complexity of Go, the development of AlphaGo, and the implications for the future of AI.

2 min · 423 words · Demis Hassabis, Fan Hui, Aja Huang, Lee Sedol

Dario Amodei (Anthropic CEO) - $10 Billion Models OpenAI Scaling \u0026 AGI in 2 years

In this video, Dario Amodei, the CEO of Anthropic, discusses the concept of scaling in artificial intelligence (AI) and its implications for the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI). He explores the challenges and uncertainties surrounding scaling, the predictability of scaling in terms of statistical averages and specific abilities, the emergence of specific abilities with scale, and the potential risks associated with scaling models. Amodei emphasizes the need for caution, further research, and responsible approaches to scaling AI models.

3 min · 588 words · Dario Amodei

Geoffrey Hinton Will digital intelligence replace biological intelligence?

Geoffrey Hinton, a pioneer in AI, discusses the potential of digital intelligence surpassing biological intelligence. He highlights the advancements in AI models like GPT-4, their ability to learn from data, and their potential ‘immortality’. Hinton also expresses concerns about AI’s existential risk to humanity and emphasizes the importance of AI safety research.

2 min · 346 words · Melanie Woodin, Geoffrey Hinton, Sheila McIlraith

Googles DeepMind Co-founder AI Is Becoming More Dangerous And Threatening! - Mustafa Suleyman

In this video, Mustafa Suleyman, the co-founder of Google’s AI technology, discusses the potential dangers and threats posed by AI. He emphasizes the need for containment and regulation to prevent the misuse of AI technology. Suleyman acknowledges the incredible potential of AI to benefit humanity but also highlights the risks associated with its unchecked development. He calls for a collective effort to ensure that AI serves the best interests of humanity and that its benefits outweigh the potential risks.

4 min · 706 words · Mustafa Suleyman

In conversation with the Godfather of AI

Jeffrey Hinton, a pioneer in artificial intelligence, discusses various aspects of AI and its future. He highlights the progress made in AI, acknowledges its limitations, and raises concerns about its risks. Hinton emphasizes the need for responsible development and suggests approaches to mitigate these risks.

2 min · 366 words · Jeffrey Hinton

Its An Absolute Game Changer The Matty Johns Podcast

In this episode of The Matty Johns Podcast, Matty and Jack Johns discuss various topics including the NRL Grand Final, artificial intelligence in documentaries, and top players to party with. They also present a quiz on finals-related trivia and share listener feedback.

2 min · 362 words · Matty Johns, Jack Johns

Mark Zuckerberg Future of AI at Meta Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp Lex Fridman Podcast

Mark Zuckerberg discusses the future of AI at Meta (formerly Facebook) and its platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. They explore the potential of AI in various aspects of life, emphasizing personal assistants, AI agents, and AI tools. The interview highlights the importance of open source development, responsible AI practices, and ongoing research in shaping the future of AI.

2 min · 350 words · Lex Fridman

OpenAI CEO on Artificial Intelligence Changing Society

The OpenAI CEO discusses the potential benefits and challenges of AI, including societal changes, job loss, and the need for safety regulations. He suggests measures like UBI to mitigate job loss and emphasizes the importance of people’s role in shaping the future with AI.

2 min · 387 words · OpenAI CEO, Interviewer

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman speaks at the World Economic Forum – watch live

OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman, highlights AI’s potential to augment jobs and accelerate scientific progress, particularly in biology, at the World Economic Forum. Emphasizing the need for trust, transparency, and light-touch regulation, he calls for a global standard for AI that reflects democratic values. He also addresses concerns over AI’s use in geopolitical competition and the need for new economic models for AI training data.

2 min · 353 words · Sam Altman, Mark Benioff, Julie Sweet, Albert Bourla, Jeremy Hunt

OpenAI DevDay Opening Keynote

OpenAI’s first DevDay featured several AI announcements including GPT-4 Turbo, voice and vision integrations, and Assistants API. The event, led by Sam Altman, showcased AI’s potential to revolutionize technology.

2 min · 405 words · Sam Altman, Satya Nadella, Jessica Shieh, Romain Huet

Osbournes Get REAL Dirty Family Secrets Ghost Stories & Ozzy Exorcism Answering YOUR Questions

The Osbournes share insights into their daily routines, thoughts on AI in music, marijuana legalization, and relive past moments. They discuss their family dynamics, personal anecdotes, and the importance of living in the moment. The sentiment of the video is nostalgic, reflective, and familial.

2 min · 392 words · Jack Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne

Torvalds Speaks Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Programming

Torvalds discusses the potential impact of AI on programming, comparing it to autocorrect on steroids. He believes that Large Language Models (LLMs) could be used to write and review code, but emphasizes the need for human oversight to catch potential errors.

2 min · 229 words · Interviewer, Torvalds

WARNING ChatGPT Could Be The Start Of The End! Sam Harris

Sam Harris discusses the dangers of AI, particularly artificial general intelligence (AGI). He expresses concern about misinformation, disinformation, and the difficulty of discerning reality. Harris highlights the potential consequences of AI-generated fake content and its impact on trust and valid elections. He reflects on his personal experience with Twitter and suggests new forms of gatekeeping and verification. Harris emphasizes the importance of rebuilding trust, converging on a common understanding of reality, and the role of humanities. He acknowledges the need for new economic and ethical frameworks to address AI’s disruption.

3 min · 495 words · Sam Harris

Will Google win the AI race? Bill Ackman and Lex Fridman

Bill Ackman and Lex Fridman discuss Google’s position in the AI race, highlighting its strengths such as dominance in online advertising, access to massive training data, skilled engineers, and financial resources. Despite potential AI risks, they express confidence in Google’s capabilities.

2 min · 401 words · Bill Ackman, Lex Fridman