Arsenal Mustn’t Feed The Seagulls! Invincible Podcast

The Invincible Podcast discusses Arsenal’s recent matches and the upcoming game against Brighton. The hosts express frustration over VAR inconsistencies and the missed opportunity for young players during the PSV game. They also highlight the importance of the Brighton match for Arsenal’s title challenge and discuss the need to exploit Brighton’s current weaknesses.

2 min · 393 words · Robbie, Lee Judges, Julian

Gary Neville breaks down a HECTIC Premier League weekend! The Gary Neville Podcast

Gary Neville analyzes a hectic Premier League weekend, focusing on matches involving Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, and Manchester United. He praises Spurs and Newcastle United, criticizes City and United’s performances, and shows optimism for Arsenal’s potential to win the league.

2 min · 365 words · Gary Neville, Martin Tyler

Is Arteta Under Pressure? (Lee Judges Rant) The Invincible Podcast

The Invincible Podcast discusses Arsenal’s recent poor performances and the pressure on manager Mikel Arteta. The speakers debate Arsenal’s tactics, team selection, and the crucial upcoming FA Cup game against Liverpool. They also discuss the significance of Arsenal wearing an all-white kit as part of an anti-knife crime initiative.

2 min · 366 words · Lee Judges, Julian, Robbie