Ancient Islands Ghost City of the Pacific (Full Episode) Lost Cities with Albert Lin

Explore the ancient city of Nadol, located in Micronesia, built by the Saudeleur Dynasty. Using modern technology, Albert Lin uncovers hidden worlds in this isolated city, believed to have been home to 2,000 people.

2 min · 357 words · Albert Lin, Gusker, Willie Holly, Ashley Meredith, Rosa

Ancient Mysteries The Search For Three Legendary Cities Lost Worlds Timeline

Explore the search for the legendary cities of Angkor and Troy. Discover the vastness and sophistication of Angkor, as revealed by radar images from space. Uncover the truth behind Troy through excavations at Hisarlik, finding evidence of warfare and contemporary references. Join the passionate researchers dedicated to challenging theories and gaining a better understanding of these ancient cities.

2 min · 292 words · Timeline

Göbekli Tepe - The First Temple On Earth? 10000 BC // Ancient History Documentary

Göbekli Tepe, an ancient archaeological site in Turkey, is believed to be the oldest temple complex in the world. It remains a mystery, with theories ranging from religious significance to extraterrestrial connections. Excavations have revealed a complex civilization and much of the site remains undiscovered. The discovery challenges our understanding of prehistoric societies. Actionable items include further excavation, exploring connections to nearby sites, and preserving the site for future generations.

2 min · 350 words · Unknown

Mysteries of the Inca New insights in the Andes DW Documentary

The documentary explores the complexities of the Inca civilization, offering new insights into their culture, history, and resistance against Spanish conquest. Recent discoveries challenge traditional beliefs and reveal a sophisticated society with advanced record-keeping methods and a strategic approach to governance.

2 min · 393 words · Sabine Hyland, Christophe Delaere, Peter Eeckhout, Marcial Medina Huanca, Lucy Salazar, Bethany Turner, Brian Bauer, Bat-ami Artzi

Quest for the Uncharted World Sulawesi Indonesia Free Documentary

An expedition team explores the untouched Mataro mountain range in Sulawesi, Indonesia, discovering unique species and archaeological artifacts. The team expresses concern over threats to the ecosystems due to overexploitation of natural resources, and plans to continue their research and conservation efforts.

2 min · 354 words · Edvard Vendom, Aelan Bore, Jean Michel Bishan, Lucage, Ori C, Tong

The Dead Sea Scrolls // Ancient History Documentary

This documentary explores the Dead Sea Scrolls, significant archaeological finds from the 20th century. It delves into the variety of texts found, their historical context, and the insights they offer into ancient Jewish beliefs and practices. The video also discusses the potential connections to early Christianity and the importance of ongoing research.

2 min · 398 words · Narrator (unspecified), Magellan TV representatives

The Greatest Archaeological Finds in Recent Years Full History Hit Series

The British Museum recently announced the discovery of the most important piece of prehistoric art found in the UK in a hundred years. The artifact, a small chalk drum, was discovered during an excavation near the village of Burton Agnes in East Yorkshire. The drum, which is 5,000 years old, is packed full of intricate carvings and motifs. It is believed to have been buried with three children skeletons, indicating a special burial. The drum is now on display at the British Museum’s Stonehenge exhibition.

2 min · 304 words · Full History Hit Series