Do these mental health products even do anything?

The creator explores various mental health products and questions their effectiveness, highlighting the lack of scientific evidence and high prices. They provide critiques of specific products and emphasize the importance of critical thinking and research.

2 min · 272 words · Creator

If You Are Having OVERWHELMING Thoughts About Life Watch This Mel Robbins Podcast Clips

Mel Robbins and her son, Oakley, discuss the significance of therapy in managing overwhelming thoughts and anxiety. They emphasize on the importance of open communication about mental health and consider therapy as a tool for personal growth.

2 min · 369 words · Mel Robbins, Oakley Robbins

Kian & Ayla on having a baby breaking up & why they’re not getting married Ep. 37

Kian and Ayla discuss their journey of having a baby, breaking up, and their decision not to get married. They share their experiences with anxiety, the importance of communication, and their excitement about becoming parents. Their story is a testament to the power of love, growth, and resilience in relationships.

2 min · 389 words · Kian, Ayla

The Effects of Cannabis (Marijuana) on the Brain \u0026 Body Huberman Lab Podcast

In this podcast episode, Andrew Huberman discusses the effects of cannabis (marijuana) on the brain and body, including the compounds THC and CBD, different strains of cannabis, and the legality and medicinal applications of cannabis. He explores its impact on cognition, creativity, anxiety, depression, and sex differences in response. The episode also introduces the Huberman Lab Premium Channel and a Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) protocol for relaxation and recovery.

2 min · 399 words · Andrew Huberman