In the fourth episode of the OfflineTV Podcast, guest Scarra shares personal anecdotes and preferences, including his fursona. The conversation, filled with banter and humor, covers topics like Renaissance Fairs, karaoke, and the cultural impact of franchises like ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Shrek’. Scarra also expresses his interest in creating content around disassembling a Costco chicken on stream.

2 min · 317 words · Scarra, OfflineTV

The Magic Lick Ep 191 Bad Friends

In this humorous episode of Bad Friends, Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino discuss a Halloween prank, taste Japanese candy, and share their recent experiences. The conversation also includes a discussion on anime series One Piece and Bobby’s pimple patch mishap.

3 min · 465 words · Bobby Lee, Andrew Santino