McCarthy pins impending government shutdown on Biden immigration policies

Speaker McCarthy blames President Biden’s immigration policies for the impending government shutdown and discusses the border crisis. He emphasizes the need for border security and urges the President to take action. McCarthy highlights concerns raised by prominent Democrats and calls for a meeting with the President. He criticizes the Senate for inaction and highlights bills passed by the House. The video has a critical tone towards President Biden’s policies and highlights the urgency of addressing the border crisis to prevent a shutdown.

3 min · 440 words · Speaker McCarthy, Nicole Killion

Prigozhin Is Dead...But Who Did It? Peter Zeihan

In this video, Peter Zeihan discusses the death of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner group, who was reportedly on a plane that crashed in Russia. Zeihan reflects on the potential suspects who may have wanted Prigozhin dead, including Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, the military-industrial complex, organized crime, Ukrainians, and even Americans. He also mentions the possibility of Prigozhin’s death being part of a larger political deal. Zeihan highlights the significance of Prigozhin’s role in Putin’s inner circle and the potential implications of his death for the Russian State.

2 min · 351 words · Peter Zeihan