Lies Politics and Democracy Adam Kinzinger (interview) FRONTLINE

Adam Kinzinger discusses his concerns about the state of American democracy, highlighting issues such as misinformation, polarization, and the erosion of democratic values. He criticizes Trump’s presidency and the choices made by Republican leaders.

3 min · 535 words · FRONTLINE

Lies Politics and Democracy J. Michael Luttig (interview) FRONTLINE

J. Michael Luttig, a former judge and legal expert, discusses his concerns about American democracy leading up to the 2020 election. He highlights the assault on American democracy during the 2016 primaries and the language used by politicians that attacked the institutions of democracy. Luttig emphasizes the importance of constitutional checks and the need for them to function in a highly polarized government. He reflects on the events of January 6th and the subsequent constitutional crisis, and discusses his involvement in advising Vice President Pence. Luttig concludes by emphasizing the need for the Supreme Court to intervene and decide on the constitutional questions to resolve the crisis.

3 min · 563 words · J. Michael Luttig

The Lincoln Project Podcast Guest George Conway

The podcast discusses Trump’s legal challenges, his manipulative nature, and the Republican Party’s history of grifting. It emphasizes the threat Trump poses to democracy and the rule of law. The speakers encourage targeted advertising against Trump, public criticism by his former officials, and reminders of his threat to democracy.

2 min · 417 words · Reed Galen, George Conway

The willful ignorance of Trumps GOP Pro-democracy advocates fear ex-presidents return

This video discusses the concerns and fears surrounding the potential return of former President Donald Trump and his influence on the Republican Party. It highlights the extremism exhibited by Trump and his supporters, emphasizing that they pose a threat to American democracy. The video also expresses concern over the willful ignorance displayed by Trump’s Republican enablers. Key speakers include President Joe Biden, Amanda Carpenter, Miles Taylor, Eddie Glaude, and Charlie Sykes.

3 min · 460 words · President Joe Biden, Amanda Carpenter, Miles Taylor, Eddie Glaude, Charlie Sykes