\In 2024 gehts nochmal 10x nach unten!\ - Bau Insider Gebhardt Bauzentrum

The video features an interview with Kai Lerch, the managing director of Gephardt Bauzentrum, discussing the current state of the construction industry. Lerch predicts a further decline of 10 plus 6 percent in 2024 and highlights the challenges of cost-cutting measures. He advises customers to consider different offers from construction companies. Lerch discusses the impact of increased interest rates, the need for digitization, and the potential impact of climate change regulations. He addresses viewer questions about delivery bottlenecks, supply chains, and the affordability of properties in Germany. Lerch predicts ongoing difficulties in the industry but believes there will be opportunities for those looking to build or buy properties.

2 min · 314 words · Kai Lerch