2023 SUPPLEMENT GUIDE (Which Supplements What Age)

Jeff Cavaliere provides a comprehensive guide to various supplements, their suitability for different age groups, and their safety. The video emphasizes informed decisions about supplement use.

2 min · 395 words · Jeff Cavaliere

GIRL TALK (advice sesh

Fernando Ramirez shares personal experiences and advice on topics such as self-confidence, making new friends, maintaining relationships, enjoying summer, starting vlogging, staying energized and motivated, and focusing on personal growth over finding a boyfriend.

3 min · 605 words · Fernando Ramirez

HoneyDew Podcast

In this episode of HoneyDew Podcast, seasoned comedian Lewis Black shares his life experiences, career journey, and advice for young people. He talks about his podcast ‘Lewis Black’s Rantcast’, his parents, and his plans for future performances.

2 min · 369 words · Ryan Sickler, Lewis Black

If You Got Your Heart Broken You Need To Hear This! The Mel Robbins Podcast

This podcast episode features Mel Robbins advising Katrina, a law graduate dealing with a breakup, on making courageous decisions. Robbins emphasizes the importance of focusing on how someone makes you feel when making tough choices.

1 min · 133 words · Mel Robbins

MARRIED MEN RIZZ?! EP 339 ShxtsNGigs Podcast

In episode 339 of ShxtsNGigs Podcast, the hosts discuss a comedic thread about married men’s flirtations, continue the intriguing Dr. McAllister story, and offer advice on a listener’s dilemma about dating a man with a severely ill mother. The episode also includes a game segment about the top searched categories on PornHub in 2022.

2 min · 407 words · ShxtsNGigs Podcast Hosts

Monday Morning Podcast 10-23-23 Bill Burr

In this podcast, Bill Burr humorously discusses various topics including holiday season challenges, LA traffic, gift shopping, childhood memories, the NFL, and his upcoming shows in Reno. He also provides advice on winning arguments with women and pursuing a career in comedy.

2 min · 382 words · Bill Burr

WORST FIRST DATE?! EP 341 ShxtsNGigs Podcast

In this episode of the ShxtsNGigs Podcast, hosts J Money and Fire Lord FES discuss awkward first date questions, personal boundaries, and the complexities of dating as a single parent or in different racial contexts. The conversation also covers topics like serial killers’ cultural impact and polygamy. The sentiment is light-hearted and humorous, with insightful commentary and advice.

2 min · 361 words · J Money, Fire Lord FES