BIKINI PLANET - Ehrenmänner of the Galaxy 2 I Julien Bam

The video follows Captain Jerky and his crew as they encounter obstacles and explore the mysterious Bikini Planet. They learn about teamwork, loyalty, and trust while facing challenges and ultimately enjoy their time on the planet.

2 min · 327 words · Julien Bam

Exploring Paradise on Earth A Journey to Australia

The video ‘Exploring Paradise on Earth A Journey to Australia’ delves into the beauty, culture, and challenges of Australia. It highlights pearl diving, life in remote areas like the Simpson Desert, and the rich culture of Aboriginal Australians. It emphasizes the importance of respecting local customs and supporting sustainable practices.

2 min · 357 words · Richard McLean, Dave, Toni Cooke, Witley Scarlet, Otto Bulmaniya, Russel, Simon, Rich

Golfing 50 States In 50 Weeks Official Documentary

Follow the journey of Mason and Cole, two friends who play golf in each of the 50 US states over 50 weeks. The documentary captures their challenges, adventures, and the creation of their YouTube channel, Golfing Old Glory.

2 min · 412 words · Mason, Cole, Jackson Keane

Russ Cook (Hardest Geezer) I Havent Told The Whole Truth About Africa!

Endurance athlete Russ Cook shares his transformative journey of attempting to run the length of Africa. The journey, filled with challenges including kidnapping and health issues, also improved his strained family relationships and was a fundraising effort for The Running Charity. Post-mission, Russ plans to use his experiences to support others on their adventures.

2 min · 355 words · Interviewer, Russ Cook, Emily Bell, Stan, Russ's Father