Brot Beschiss Sebastian deckt Subways Trickserei beim Brot auf

Sebastian exposes Subway’s deceptive bread-making process, revealing that their various bread options all contain the same ingredients. He demonstrates that the bread tastes the same without the crust and explains how Subway uses additives and enzymes to achieve a light texture. Sebastian also highlights the significant amount of sugar in Subway’s bread, making it more like a sweet treat. He shows how Subway creates the illusion of choice by adding different toppings or flavors to the same dough. A blind taste test further proves the lack of distinction between Subway’s bread varieties.

2 min · 383 words · Sebastian

Junk food sugar and additives - The dark side of the food industry DW Documentary

This documentary criticizes the food industry’s role in the global obesity epidemic, highlighting the struggles of individuals suffering from obesity and eating disorders due to consuming highly processed foods. It also addresses the lack of government regulation and the food industry’s influence on public health policies.

2 min · 397 words · DW Documentary

Was steckt in Maggi - und ist das gesund? Marktcheck SWR

The video explores the popular food brand Maggi and its products, examining their ingredients, quality, and health implications. It includes an experiment where the reporter consumes Maggi products for four weeks and undergoes health assessments. The video compares the price and taste of Maggi products with competitors and discusses the use of additives and flavor enhancers. It concludes by emphasizing the importance of moderation and balanced nutrition.

3 min · 457 words · Marktcheck SWR