Can You Be a Functioning Heroin User? High Society

This video presents a neutral yet sympathetic view of functioning heroin users, individuals who maintain normalcy while using heroin. It discusses the risks, stigma, and legal implications of heroin use, and advocates for harm reduction strategies and decriminalization.

2 min · 341 words · Unnamed Interviewer, Unnamed functioning heroin user, Professor David Nutt, Matt Southwell, Daphne, Jay

Demi Lovato Simply Complicated - Official Documentary

Demi Lovato shares her decade-long journey, discussing her struggles with addiction, eating disorder, bipolar disorder, and her path to recovery. She emphasizes honesty, seeking support, and finding healthy outlets as key steps towards overcoming challenges.

2 min · 378 words · Demi Lovato

Ozzy Osbourne’s Untold Rock Stories w/ Billy Morrison

Ozzy Osbourne and Billy Morrison discuss their experiences with addiction, the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle, and their determination to overcome personal challenges. They reflect on the dangers of drugs, quitting smoking, touring while battling addiction, and stage fright.

2 min · 327 words · Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Morrison

The Gift The Journey of Johnny Cash (Official Documentary)

This documentary explores the life and career of iconic American singer-songwriter, Johnny Cash. It highlights his artistic endeavors, personal struggles, and the redemptive power of music and faith in his life. The film also delves into his advocacy for prison reform and Native American rights.

2 min · 383 words · Musicians and collaborators, Johnny Cash, Family members, Authors and biographers, Music producers, Fellow artists and friends

The Meth Epidemic (full documentary) FRONTLINE

This documentary explores the meth epidemic in America, its devastating impact, and the resistance to regulation by the pharmaceutical industry. It emphasizes the need for effective solutions and highlights Oregon’s successful model of making pseudoephedrine a prescription drug.

2 min · 399 words · Police officers, Methamphetamine users and former users, Deputy Brett King, Reporter Steve Suo, The Oregonian, Dr. Richard Rawson, UCLA, Gene Hayslip, former DEA official, Alan Rexinger, pharmaceutical industry executive, Bob Pennel, Fresno meth task force, Rita Sullivan, director of OnTrack rehab center, Sheriff's deputies, Linda Suda, pharmaceutical industry trade group president