Cole Anderson-James Shares His Craziest Stories Jack Joseph Secrets & His Future On Youtube!!

Cole Anderson-James shares his craziest stories, secrets about Jack Joseph, and future plans on YouTube on the What’s Good podcast. Topics include his TikTok comedy videos, travels, gambling experiences, love for golf, and interest in acting.

3 min · 576 words · Cole Anderson-James, Podcast hosts


Miranda Cosgrove, known for ‘iCarly’ and ‘School of Rock’, joins the Good Guys Podcast. She discusses her acting and music career, her college experience at USC, and her personal life, including her decision to avoid alcohol. Miranda also shares her experience as an executive producer on the ‘iCarly’ reboot and answers listener questions.

2 min · 394 words · Josh, Ben

The John Cena Interview - IMPAULSIVE EP. 407

John Cena discusses his wrestling career, personal philosophy, and transition to acting on the IMPAULSIVE podcast. He shares his experiences with WWE, learning Mandarin, maintaining a disciplined approach to social media, and his involvement in charitable work. Cena reflects on past mistakes and emphasizes the importance of personal growth, accountability, and communication.

3 min · 451 words · Logan Paul, John Cena, IMPAULSIVE co-hosts

Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 12-14-23 Bill Burr & Adam Driver

In this podcast, comedian Bill Burr and actor Adam Driver discuss Driver’s upcoming movie ‘Ferrari’ based on the life of Enzo Ferrari. The conversation covers the film’s storyline, the challenges of acting, and the nuances of storytelling in cinema. Burr expresses admiration for Driver’s work and the film.

2 min · 338 words · Bill Burr, Adam Driver