Candace Owens x Andrew Tate The Interview

Candace Owens interviews Andrew Tate, a former webcam business owner and professional kickboxer. They discuss Tate’s experiences, criticisms, personal growth, and his views on masculinity, culture, and influence. Tate also addresses issues around pornography and the societal push to feminize men.

2 min · 337 words · Candace Owens, Andrew Tate

DOJ and Congress need to investigate this man Expert calls for ethics probe into Clarence Thomas

The video discusses the need for an ethics probe into Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, following revelations of accepting lavish trips from Republican billionaires without disclosure. It emphasizes the close relationship between Thomas and the Koch brothers, calling for the DOJ and Congress to take action and investigate potential corruption.

3 min · 490 words · Jesse Eisinger, Elie Mystal

EP 79 Divine Interruptions Pt.2 Ft. Jackie Hill Perry

In this episode, B Simone, Megan Ashley, and Jackie Hill Perry discuss the challenges of living out faith in a world that often opposes it, emphasizing the importance of sharing truth responsibly and sensitively. They also highlight the role of grace in guiding us through suffering, and the need for accountability and nurturing in relationships.

3 min · 476 words · B Simone, Megan Ashley, Jackie Hill Perry

Jeff Wittek Talks Vlog Squad Trauma & MOVING IN with Tana Mongeau Just Trish Ep. 18

In Just Trish Ep. 18, Trisha Paytas interviews Jeff Wittek about his Vlog Squad experiences, moving in with Tana Mongeau, and personal growth. They discuss the importance of accountability, loyalty, and the impact of their actions.

2 min · 364 words · Trisha Paytas, Jeff Wittek

Lies Politics and Democracy Mona Charen (interview) FRONTLINE

Mona Charen discusses the lies, politics, and challenges to democracy that emerged during and after the 2020 election. She highlights the importance of losers accepting election results and congratulating winners, criticizes Republican leaders who failed to uphold democratic norms, and emphasizes the significance of truth and countering misinformation. The interview calls for promoting acceptance of election results, supporting local election administrators, and advocating for reforms to strengthen democratic institutions.

4 min · 725 words · Mona Charen

Politics Hub with Sophy Ridge Is suspending Russell Brands YouTube earnings cancel culture?

Join Sophy Ridge in this episode of Politics Hub as she discusses the suspension of Russell Brand’s YouTube earnings and the concept of cancel culture. The conversation expands to explore the Sachsgate scandal, focusing on Georgina Bailey’s experience and the need for victims to have a voice. This thought-provoking discussion emphasizes the importance of addressing past injustices and promoting accountability.

3 min · 476 words · Sophy Ridge

The Insane Return of Chris Chan (ft. TheGamerFromMars) Some Ordinary Podcast

This podcast episode critically discusses controversial YouTuber Chris Chan’s recent actions, their involvement in an incest case, and their release from prison. It also highlights the need for accountability among YouTubers and streamers.

1 min · 152 words · Mudahar, Oompaville, Nu talku, Gamer from Mars

The Men Who Stole the World (and got away with it)

This video discusses the story of Philip James Baker, a former hedge fund manager, and the 2008 financial crisis. It sheds light on the unethical practices of Wall Street firms and the lack of accountability for those responsible.

2 min · 332 words · Philip James Baker, Richard Bowen, Oliver Budde, Anton Valukas

Zelensky Biden Beg For MORE Ukraine Funding GOP Finally Say ENOUGH? Robby & Brie

Ukrainian President Zelensky pleads for more funding for Ukraine at the United Nations General Assembly. Republicans express skepticism, highlighting the need for accountability and questioning the purpose of additional funding. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is discussed, emphasizing self-determination and the potential exploitation of fear. The hosts criticize the lack of critical reporting and Biden’s rhetoric, calling for a balanced approach to foreign funding and domestic spending.

4 min · 647 words · Robby, Brie