DEVASTATING POLLS? Biden’s Support CRATERS Ahead Of 2024 Brie & Shermichael

The video analyzes the declining support for President Biden ahead of the 2024 elections, attributing it to his handling of the economy, immigration, and concerns about his age. It highlights the dissatisfaction among certain demographics and the desire for a challenger to Biden among Democratic primary voters.

2 min · 384 words · Brie, Shermichael Singleton

Investigation into an Inquiry into an Impeachment Talking Feds Podcast

This podcast critically discusses the impeachment inquiry into President Biden by House Republicans, Hunter Biden’s indictment, and the Supreme Court’s involvement in key cases. The potential political implications of these events on the 2024 elections are also analyzed.

2 min · 352 words · Harry Litman, Al Franken, Alexi McCammond, Bob Shrum

Michelle Obama for President Elon Musks Alleged Drug Use PBD Podcast Ep. 347

The podcast discusses various topics such as Elon Musk’s alleged drug use, Boeing’s safety issues, the 2024 elections, and bias in late-night comedy shows. It also covers office vacancies, DEI initiatives, and speculations about the presidential race.

2 min · 398 words · Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick, Vinnie