15 Python Libraries You Should Know About in 2023

In this video, the presenter introduces 15 Python libraries that are useful and worth knowing about.

3 min · 488 words · Presenter

861. WORLD NEWS QUIZ 2023 Part 1 (with Stephen from SEND7 Podcast)

Join Luke and Stephen Devonchenzi in the 2023 World News Quiz. They cover significant events from political happenings to cultural moments, including riots in Brazil, earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, Japan’s aging population, retirement protests in France, India’s population growth, a new malaria vaccine in Ghana, and the discovery of an ancient pizza depiction. Luke scores 9 out of 10 in the quiz.

3 min · 428 words · Luke, Stephen Devonchenzi

Government shutdown 2023 House rejects McCarthy bill as shutdown looms LiveNOW from FOX

House Democrats accuse Republicans of causing a potential government shutdown due to internal conflicts and inability to govern. Democrats argue this will negatively impact Americans and the economy. They urge Republicans to work with them to avoid the shutdown and end the ‘Maga Madness’.

2 min · 364 words · House Democrats, Catherine Clark, Pete Aguilar, Senator Feinstein, Senator Alex Padilla, Joe Morelli, Senator Schumer, Leader McConnell, Unnamed House Republicans

Jahresrueckblick der Podcasts bei Ben 2023

The video ‘Jahresrückblick der Podcasts bei Ben 2023’ is a recap of the podcasts hosted by Ben in 2023. It includes trailers, discussions, and interviews about bodybuilding, personal stories, and more. The video carries a tone of nostalgia, celebration, and camaraderie within the bodybuilding world.

2 min · 365 words · Ben (Host), Various guests

Podcast Jahresrückblick 2023 Lanz & Precht

This podcast reflects on key events of 2023, discussing overlooked stories, political changes, societal issues, and scientific achievements. It also celebrates positive stories and the impact of individuals.

2 min · 362 words · Richard David Precht, Markus Lanz