Napoleons Downfall Invasion of Russia 1812 (Full Documentary)

The documentary showcases the tragic downfall of Napoleon during the invasion of Russia in 1812. It highlights the strategic mistakes, resilience of Russian people, and the immense human cost of the campaign.

2 min · 397 words · Colonel Jean Boulart, Tsar Alexander I, Colonel P.A. Davydov, General Paul Thiébault, General Berthezène, Countess of Tisenhaus, Captain Fantin des Odoards, Captain Gourgaud, General Pavel Tuchkov, Lieutenant Radozhitsky, Prince Bagration, General Ivan PaskEvich, General Mikhail MilorAdovich, Marshal Ney, General Claude Francois de Malet, Baron Larrey, Marshal Kutuzov, Admiral Pavel ChichAgov, General Wittgenstein, Sergeant Bourgogne, General Berthier, General Victor, Captain Alexander Figner, Lieutenant Henryk Dembinski, General DOkhturov, General Mikhail MilorAdovich, General Osten-Sacken, Denis Davydov, VasilIsa KOzhina, Fyodor Glinka, General Fabian von Steinheil, Jean-Marc Bussy, Martosa, Christian von Faber du Faur, General Robert Wilson, Jean-Marc Bussy, Comte de Mailly-Nesle